Official Rules Tournaments


This Regulation has been prepared by the staff of VPC and is community property and the entire Italian Proclub movement and inspired and inspired by the persons proceeded to conceive and create other similar regulations for similar competitions. In grasp and repeat steps established rules did not want to pursue any purpose of appropriamento undue intellectual property of others, but we wanted to make the proper recognition and homage to past ideas and experiences of others who we felt very valid and right source of inspiration. Reproduction, even partial, it is absolutely prohibited and play 'includes a copy of the idea / concept contained in it.

Therefore, the user, in the moment that adheres to any competition, contest or tournament organized on this platform, accepts and agrees to comply with this regulation which bases its foundations on the fundamental principles of the community or : RESPECT FOR OTHERS, FAIR PLAY , FUN AND HEALTHY COMPETITION.

The staff dedicated to the management of competitions, contest and tournaments reserves the right to edit / insert any scratch as prescribed in the Regulation, possibly during the course of an initiative, if they are to take shape acts of God that go to adversely undermine the gaming experience of the participants. These extraordinary measures on the regulation will be communicated promptly through notices published on the portal and on our social channels.

The Staff reserves the sole right to punish behavior not in line with the rules and behavior that is not explicitly provided for but still aimed at altering the proper conduct of the competitions. The penalty applied will be proportional to such conduct and in more severe cases may result in the definitive exclusion from each competition VPC.


  • The match schedule and the board of knockout fights will be available on the gaming platform.
  • The matches will be played in a single match in which to invite will be the team that plays at home
  • They will be awarded 3 pts for victory and 1 pts for a draw, 1 Also pts for winning matches at the table

CALCULATION ranking divorced ROUNDS

To calculate the final ranking, in case of equality of points, We will be used the following criteria :

  • points in head to head
  • goal difference in head to head (away goals do not count double in the event of a tie)
  • Unlike general networks
  • greater number of goals scored in general
  • draw


  • Captains must ensure the prescribed time RESPECT to play the game. And a delay 'tolerated 10 Minutes provided that it is sent a communication to the opponent in order to warn. In case of delay exceeding 10 minutes you can send a report via email at or contact the staff to communicate what happened. In order to denounce the delay of the opposing team must carry photos and videos with time the team fielded in the field waiting to play the game. The staff on the facts and evidence in its possession that it will follow the reporting or not and to take appropriate action (for example, assignment of the table match)
  • Minimum number of players allowed on the field = 7
  • If a team wishes to play the game with a number less than the minimum capacity, They should advise your opponents who may also accept to play the game or ask the win.
  • Defense 5 = ALLOWED
  • The home team invites the opposing team, It thoroughly recommends to invite both the player of the home team with the best connection
  • PLEASE NOTE : non it is allowed to put players in defense of his own goal during a kick or during the punishment by the opponent beats
  • And 'it recommended after the match to make screenshot of networks / assist tags etc etc .... to keep to the confirmation of the two captains and storage of the match report in order to have material to show in the case of system faults / disagreement between the captains.
  • And 'it is forbidden to use tricks of any kind acts to disturb doormen and / or opposing players kicks (punishment or corners) and it is not allowed to disturb the goalkeeper during returning, worth forfeit. E 'can avoid the penalty realizing an own goal within three minutes (game) and in that case the opponents will assess whether or not to have recourse against the unsportsmanlike behavior of the team. Where possible, it will be mandatory to report the real will to obstruct a porter via video.
  • The players are not excluded from the subsequent matches after receiving a red card.
  • Required Fair play and generally conducted in line with the general principles that apply in the community or VPC RESPECT THE NEXT, FUN AND HEALTHY COMPETITION


  • E 'is mandatory for captains / vice-captains to enter the batch report directly to management in the singles match details
  • In compiling the report, simply state the final result
  • Please note that if a declared false data in clubs Match Report and will be provided to the staff hard evidence of such manipulation, Us could attribute exclusion and ban for the entire duration of the competition to the offending club

DISCONNECTION (quit in game)

  • The interruption of a match occurs when one team completely abandons the match, not allowing each other to keep playing.
  • If one or more players to crash within the first 5 Minutes into the game the team can 'ABANDON to restart and rigiocarla regularly and for a maximum of 2 times to match
  • In the event of a crash after the first 5 minutes from kick-off the team CAN NOT 'MORE' TO LEAVE THE GAME, and if he did lose the battle at the table. (allegare screen shoot o video, Accepted are also photos taken by mobile enough that visible until the time and date)
  • The team that suffers the red card penalty in the first 5 minutes, loses the opportunity to exit from the match, although that possibility remains to the opposing team. If you were to decide the restart of the match card / red will be canceled.
  • In the case of networks in the first 5 minutes and then stop granted by Regulation, the game will resume with the result obtained at the time of suspension. No valid networks are arriving with players still or who are not interested trend of the race because this behavior denotes the actual will of the team to abandon the game. For these circumstances please Captains if challenged on a goal to proceed anyway the course of the game. The Regularity of Goal contest will be decided by a completed game Staff and after the opening of a documented claim.
  • The points listed above apply equally even if were to get out of the game going on the QLS


  • In the event of a forfeit of a team all the matches already played and the ones you do not play will be awarded to the opponents won (+3 Pts per game)


  • Any complaints or reports must be brought to the staff that organizes the competition and must be supported by evidence such as photos, video, images and etc.. In the absence of any evidence or complaint reporting it will not be considered and returned to you


  • It banned the use of cheats or bugs that alter the normal course of games and virtual player. In case of default they will be taken disciplinary action against an individual player and its membership club.
  • They banned all unsporting behavior during the phases of play (ad is. acts of anti-play on the goalkeeper made voluntarily, the punishment or on corners. Here, too, in case of default they will be taken disciplinary action against an individual player and its membership club.
  • During the match it is forbidden to send messages or invitations to live the captain group or members of the opposing team penalty sanctions and disciplinary action by staff; for any clarification or communication with the opposing captain to use whatsapp