The point on the Pre-Season

The point on the Pre-Season of the PCL to a day by the end.

As it turned, and as expected all the matches of the PCL pre-season were very exciting and pull. There were confirmations and certainly the expectations unfulfilled by clubs that on paper should have had an easy life. Signal that all participating clubs were level.

We start from Group A where they played a predominant role definitely the three clubs that actually the last day you will play access to the Master League. We're talking about Nexus, Brescia Esports and The Curia. Honest Tournament FC Neptune and Evolute Vikings while some difficulties in pink characterized the path of Griffin Esports which we are sure will find the strength to even say in PCL. Among the meetings scheduled for the 5th particularly interesting day is the cartel match between Brescia Esports The Curia and one of them we will see it definitely in Master League next year, on paper favored Nexus with that of Evolute 9 Ranked pts is one step away from access to the Master League final while footbridge between Griffin and Neptune, the latter based on the result that will realize in the recovery match against Brescia which will be held tonight could secure a miraculous access to Series A.

As for the Group B nothing is decided yet for access to the Master League. Awaited the match between U Paok and Ilovenerd, Italian Raptors could take advantage of the situation and detach a pass to the Master League having the best against the outsider QBE, unexpectedly from the match between Daydreamers and Timetoplay could pop out in surprise Last Day. very very tight and interesting round, we can not wait to know the final verdict. However, this group has seen compete with each other fine organic and clubs very well equipped.

Even the group C is not far behind in terms of surprises and expectations. Again, the ranking is very short, all teams are enclosed in a handkerchief and last there could be surprises. On paper the Acerra seems to be favored on honest Italian Bandits and then one of two secure access to the Master League. The match between ICG and Horus Redstar is the cartel match of the day and it's promotion to the top for one of the two teams. But it is not the last because even neuen Esports could dull the Supreme Lions photo finish and overcome the two contenders. As they say between the two litigants the third could slip and move. Cmq Congratulations to all for the commitment and seriousness demonstrated and especially to an emerging team like the Italian Bandits which will undoubtedly hear in the future.

In Group D the verdicts have already been issued. Street Wolves full and Mad Gunners score points and have ground opponents and are at the top undisturbed and ready for a final showdown for first place in the group that could also mean passage of the first round of the PCL Italy Cup as one of the two best first. CIT Academy could groped the coup against New Element team and find a home in Serie A at the expense of one of Team Amelia and Brera to be opposites and they will play for a place in Serie A. Who wins salt losers will be in B. We'll see for sure will be all beautiful games.

To close our review we move on to Group E. The Atoms traveling at swollen and sails towards the Master League and waiting to know who will accompany them in 0775 Cavaliers, Real Gomorrah, Real Supremacy and Porconi. Clash last shot and agguerritissimo between Cavaliers and Porconi, It seems favored on paper Real Gomorrah of ASD Reghium, This great team and very well organized, The Real Supremacy could groped the bang on Atoms FC now already seated in the elite of the Master League. tiratissimo round in which they are 4 to fight over a place in the Master League.

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